Multi-crop Thresher

  • Address the acute shortage and need of agricultural mechanization for small holder farmers in threshing
  • Threshes crops including barley, maize, soybean, beans, rice, sorghum and millet
  • Threshes soybean 40 times faster than traditional stick beating and helps reduce drudgery and increase productivity for small holder farmers
  • Threshes up to 3ton of maize or 300kg of soybean per hour
  • A single multi-crop thresher serves 50 to 100 small holder farmers per season depending on farm size and crop type
  • Relives 15 woman and children from farm-related labor per season saving up to 45 school days for children
  • 1 thresher directly creates 3 jobs for the youth (Requires only 2 operators)
  • Designed for service providers (enables youth entrepreneurship)
  • Reduces post-harvest losses by 35%.

Tractors and Implements

  • In partnership with US manufacturer, tested tractor suitable for small holder farmer. Tractor tested with Feed the Future guidelines successfully.
  • Currently implementing full technology transfer to produce the tractor and its implements in Ethiopia
  • Support for gas or diesel engine that range from 20HP to 35HP
  • Designed for row crops
  • Support of two Category 1 row crop implements simultaneously
  • Adjustable row width
  • High crop clearance compared to any tractor of its class
  • Simple maintenance
  • Independent hydraulic drive motors on each wheel
  • Easy implement attachment
  • Best in class turn radius using full hydraulic reverse on turn
  • Optional tire width from 36” to 72” standard
  • ROPS standard with 35HP configuration
  • Hydraulic lock parking brake
  • Power steering with symmetric steering return

Typical implements available:

  • Front Cultivator
  • Rear cultivator
  • Single Row Seed Planter
  • Transplanter/Slip Setter
  • Chisel Plow/Ripper
  • Middle Buster
  • Hiller-Bedder
  • Turning Plow
  • Transplanter
  • Grading Blade
  • Single Row Seed Planter
  • Single Row Toolbar
  • Multi-Row Seeder Toolbar

Cold Storage

Integrating small to medium size cold storage boxes for:

  • Farmers
  • Wholesalers
  • Farmer markets
  • Retailers